Well taken care of


On Thursday evening I met up with my aunt who took me out for dinner at Sturehof here in Stockholm, we sat there and talked and drank wine until Felicia and Michelle came by. After some time there we went home to Michelle quickly and then me and Felicia went to Brillo. I was really not planning on going out that night, and I wasn’t really in the mood to do so, but in the end I’m so glad that I did. I was able to fully relax and have fun and ended up staying out until after 5… which of course had it’s consequences the day after. But I must say it felt great!

I’m being well taken care of here at home in Stockholm. Having great food and being surrounded by people that care about me. I’m posting everything on Instagram so just follow me there. I am really not looking forward to going back to Amsterdam on Monday but I’ve told myself I’m going to make the best of this.
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Arrivederci Holiday

NewYearARRIVEDERCI HOLIDAY. So the time of celebrations has come to an end and I am completely exhausted. It is not that I haven’t rested enough, because I definitely have, but somehow it can also be exhausting not having a real routine. It gives you almost too much time to think about things that you shouldn’t necessarily think about so for me it will be nice to get some busier days. Especially since I am apparently not going to have an easy half year ahead of me (according to my horoscope) I think it’s time to get busy and leave as little time as possible to, pardon my French, fuck anything up.

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Undercover Knuckleduster

BAM Photography by Me

UNDERCOVER KNUCKLEDUSTER. Last night I went to Wies place and had some drinks with her and her boyfriend, and later Jules and his date. After that I of course knew that I would not be going home so we went to Baut which had amazing music but sadly there were not that many people there. After that we took a cab to a bar in the Joardaan which was super nice! We went there with some dutchies so of course I didn’t catch the name of it…

Now I’m working for one more hour and then I’m off to the Hague. Will be so nice to have a nice dinner and then watch a movie and go to sleep. Have been fighting against my eyelids the entire day!

Anyways, when I go out I love wearing these huge rings. It’s strange but they immediately make me feel safer since I’m completely convinced that if someone would attack me on my way home I would be able to knock them out. Kind of like a under cover knuckleduster!

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